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Need To Know Some Info On The Toyota 3A Engine & T40 Trani

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So I just bought a Ford Cortina Mk3 and in it is a Toyota 3A 1.5L engine with a T40 Trani Carb engines are a whole new level for me but yes I'm learning every day.

So my questions are-

Why does the engine stop like in 3-5 Sec after taking my foot off the gas padel at idle ?

How do i check the Oil level on the t40 tranni ?

How many HP does this Engine come with? (as i heared its around 70 ?)

And when the gears are at nutral and when i take the foot of the clutch padel there is sort of a crunching or grinding sound coming off the engine/Trani and when I foot on the clutch all the way it goes away ?

Thats it for now I'm sorry for the stupid questions I'm just a complete noob xD

PS- If its possible could some one link me to the E book of the Engine manual and the t40 trani ?

Cheers mates!

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