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What Should I Do With My Wheels?

Elaine Leigh

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I have had my Yaris GS 1litre 51plate for 5 or 6 years now and I am very happy with it. My only bugbear is the wheel trims which are not the originals. As luck would have it I have been through a few sets of these, and as I have now lost another one, I am looking for other solutions to covering the wheels.

My ideal solution would be to replace my wheels with alloys from an original Yaris, but I am also thinking of the possibility of painting the wheels that are already on the car.

Could anyone advise me?

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Hi and welcome to TOC!

If the wheel trims are original Toyota ones then the only way you'll 'lose' one is if you've either kerbed the wheel or someone has taken a liking to it and stolen it, I suspect it's the former and not the latter as you would have said in your post! The generic trims are inferior in quality and don't fit as snug as the originals and have a tendancy to fall off when going over uneven surfaces, but on the other hand if you are kerbing the wheels now and again then the alloys you are thinking of fitting will be ruined in no time, I would then suggest you go with the painting of the wheels....problem solved!

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Agreed; Better off getting replacement trims and then cable-tying them to the wheel rim. Even with 'proper' Toyota rims they will work their way loose over time unless cable-tired.

That is a much better solution.

You do NOT want alloys from an original Yaris - The Yaris alloys are :censor: TERRIBLE! I have not seen a single Yaris with original alloys that weren't corroded - It seems that there is a chronic manufacturing fault with them, e.g. they weren't sealed properly, as even the best ones I've seen have evidence of bubbling under the surface paint. It is very common for large chunks of the paint to be flaking off and directly exposing the alloy underneath.

The only ones I've seen that haven't had this problem is where they've been refurbished, powdercoated and lacquered, but that can be expensive.

You could get third-party alloys; Will be lighter and better quality!

Just be aware too, if your car didn't come with alloys and you put some on, you must tell your insurance people or they might use that as an excuse to void your claim!

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Yup, as long as they have the 4-stud pattern and are deep enough to clear the brakes (I forget the exact spec...) you can use any rims. They don't even need to be 14"!

(I'd stick with 14's tho' - Even just going to 15" requires lower profile tyres to keep the overall wheel size the same, and they're a lot more expensive than stock 14" tyres!)

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Elaine Leigh

Go get a set of new alloys and tyres. (only if you dont kerb your wheels)

I put a set on my 04 Diesel and it transformed the car.

The road holding was 100 times better.

More stable on M /ways & roundabouts.

And they made the car look good.

I just got a new set of 17" for my Van. It realy is worth it.


ALLOY WHEEL WORLD .co.uk (highly reccomend)

4 Wheels with tyres £500. inc' wheel nuts.

But you have to haggle and barter a lot.

Or look out for genuine 15" Toyota accessory alloys.

Guys do trade up to 17" so might be some out there.


PS steer clear of the 14".


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