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Winters Coming, Free Battery Checks

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Hi guys winter is coming,maybe already here for some.

halford's do a free Battery test.

Went in today they tested straight away and confirmed it was 67%.

I personally are going to wait until it gets worse then get a dealers one put in or maybe Bosch.

Halfords free car health check covers five important areas of your vehicle:

Battery failure is one of the main reasons why motorists call a breakdown service, so it can save you time and money to check your car Battery regularly. Halfords stores have the equipment to check your Battery power and give you advice if you have any concerns.

Car bulbs are vital for driving safety and not only show you hazards on the road, but make you visible for other road users too. Driving with failed lights is illegal, and poor bulbs can cause an MOT failure, so if your MOT is due, it may be worth popping into your local Halfords store to check all your lights are working as they should.

Poor visibility causes hazardous driving, so we will help ensure you can see clearly by checking the condition of your wiper blades and your screenwash levels. On average, Wiper Blades need replacing every 12 months, so regular checks should form part of your maintenance routine.

Oil is the lifeblood of your engine, and too much or too little can cause serious damage. Halfords staff can check your Oil levels for you, and if you need a top up, we can help to find the correct Oil for your vehicle too.

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