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Led Daylight Running Lights

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Can't on my friends Aygo she took delivery of last month. Given that they're intended for daylight use I wouldn't have thought it would be a feature manufacturers would enable you to chose to have on at night, they are pretty bright and not 'dipped' in any way.

Happy to be proven wrong :)

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I was just wondering if the LED Daylight running lights could be turned on during the night?

if this is possible please help me out haha :)

It's possible if you rewire them but it's illegal unless they are dimmed as well (and given how dazzling and obvious they would be if not then as well as being a hazard to everyone else I think Plod would be taking a lot of interest in you).

Rewiring and dimming to a legal (and MoT) standard are not trivial jobs. If you want bling lights you'd probably be better to get some made for that purpose.

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haha, well im not going to be faffing around with my new motor, if there isn't a simple switch of button some something on the light storks then im not going to bother. I just wondered if there was but as you say. there isn't. and being a young lad the last thing I want to do is have plod on my back lol.

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