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12 Months Of Prius Ownership

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Its 12 months to the day since I picked up my Gen 3 2010 Prius T4. I had a Chrysler 300C Diesel estate which I traded in for the Prius.

My Prius was 13 months old when I purchased it, had 13,000 miles on the clock and was an ex Toyota Management car.

I have driven 22,500 miles in the 12 months - the majority of these miles were motorway miles. I reset Trip B to 0 when I picked the car up and I have left this untouched. The average MPG on the trip is 61.0 MPG and the average speed is 35mph.

The fuel consumption is better than I expected and would like to think it will get better over the next couple of years. The best tank I have got was 524 miles at and average of 67.5 mpg. I realise the trip computer MPG figure is a couple of MPG better than the true figure but it is so much better than the 37 MPG that I was getting on the Chrysler

Apart from having the car serviced twice, I haven't spent any money on it apart from petrol and insurance.

The car hasn't missed a beat, has started everytime and driving it has reduced my stress levels as I have slowed down slightly to try and improve my fuel consumption.

Am I pleased with my purchase? Yes, very much so and I look forward to another couple of years of driving before I think about changing it

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Tallies with my experience. Diesel Jaguar S-Type, average 33 MPG (on trip). Now on Prius I am getting average 55 MPG (trip) and achieving 80MPG on decent runs. Unlike diesel owners I don't tend to measure distance by tankful, because (quite frankly) that depends more on the size of the tank in the car. And I don't think the Prius has that big a fuel tank.

Agree also re the more relaxed, de-stressed driving. (Apart from when I am in a hurry!)

I think the Prius is beautifully designed for today's urban crawl:

Silent running

Ultra low emissions

No shuddery stop-start

No congestion charge

Smooth, continuously variable automatic transmission

Good acceleration from a standing start (if you do it properly)

Works for me!

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