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Singapore: Five Speed Motor Trading Or Now Known As Jp Cars Auto Credi

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Singaporeans Beware

Sorry to interrupt your chat gentleman's

Just beware.

FIVE SPEED MOTOR TRADING or now known as JP Cars Auto Credit

They change name due to many complain from customers to Singapore Motor Associations.


GO with bank loan for peace of mind..

i took the inhouse loan cause it was very very low.. Now i am suffering.Not going to talk abt my story here.

Summary i sold back my Audi for a loss of $40k. It was SOLD within a day. i guess someone enquire about buying Audi and they came and pressurize me..

Have a nice day.

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I dont like to talk so much. My duty here is to send awareness.

Ok as summary.

The dealer give me hell of time , force me to sell my Audi for low price , keep calling now and then even i on time paid.

If there is a delay 1 day they charge interest $100. Reason mine is premium car unlike others.

Then pass my number to other car sales rep. keep calling me day and night pressure me to sell.

They took advantage when i was in overseas in bed where i cant even walk or move.

My wife ask them to charge to CC even call my Citigold banker manager to go make the payment , they refuse.

Reason they needed me here to pay.

For installment pressure i paid 1 year of installment in advance. but the idiots insist if i paid 1 year advance it equal to early partial settlement not pay installment early.

Ridiculous . My wife decided to sell the car for $40k loss . She cant take the pressure they are giving to her.

Lawyer is working on this case. But as usual.. they are the king since we take in house loan from them..

Mind you, i took in house cause it was low. not cause i cant afford the bank loan.

I was introduce by salesman when i was hunting my car at second hand mart at west .

I am sure he got his commission well.

This kind of company will Go To Hell. My wife curse is very powerful..

We are educated but they took the law to their advantage...

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Lets hope that they never open a branch here in the UK :(

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So bad he posted twice...

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