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Sx6 Rav 4 - Faulty Sterring Wheel Controls ?

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Hi Guys , Kevv from down under here (2012 SX6 Rav 4 ).

Having problems with ....either sterring wheels controls ???.....or....sterring wheel adapter , since

upgrading stereo to Alpine unit .

Anyone else had any problems with sterring wheel controls ?

I have an intermittant problem of volumn going up , uncontrolably , so think it may be loose wire

in controls on sterribg wheel ???.....or.....faulty sterring wheel adapter (Alpine part ) ??

We're about to replace sterring wheel adapter , from Alpine first ; then attack the sterring wheel controls?.....this will be fun.....needle in hay stack stuff , I think !

Maybe talk to Toyota.....then see what voltage , from multi metre says ???

I know the Fujitsu Ten factory unit , had lesser waltage for rear camera , so maybe wandering if

less power for sterring wheel controls ?

Anyway....great Alpine unit( IVA-W520E) in Rav now.....And some nice new Split Focal Speakers , hugh difference .

Just got to find my gremlin ! Very frustrating !

Any thoughts guys ???????


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G'day Kev....does yer new unit have that speed sensitive / volume control facility, and could that be wrongly set / faulty.....?

Urra Kev in Scotlandshire.

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Gidday Big Kev . no this model only stereo sterring wheel controls .

Cruise control on stalk .

I think this is song up / & volumn control buttons that may be shorting out ? or

sending an uncontrollable signal via the micro chip ?

Or maybe the programming of that Alpine Sterring wheel adapter is wrong ?

Or Faulty ?

Eliminating one by one......I'll replace the sterring wheel Alpine adapter first .

Then I see if someone can replace wiring harness fron sterring wheel controls .

Or replace the sterring wheel controls total ?

Pain in the a_rs ! finding needle in haystack ?

All the best . Kevv ( Sydney , Australia )

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That's good there's now two of you trying to fix, Kev.....hope Sydney can be of some

Big Kev.....Scottish Ancestors were gardeners in your homeland....were always on about Botany (all rights reserved...)

Big Kev :thumbsup:

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The Audio systems vary from market to market, but I expect the principle is the same, but voltages and resistances may not be. The switches form different values of potential divider and hence a different output voltage.



Yes, it may be a dodgy connection somewhere.

Equally, it may be something like the resistance tolerances on the Toyota side, don't match with the voltage level sensing tolerances on the alpine box side.

I know of at least one manufacturer that had this problem in production, with its OEM ICE units.

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