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Yaris Security Lamp Blink Patterns

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Has anyone seen any documentation on the blink patterns of the security lamp?I

I've been playing with the immobilizer programming a bit and I thinkI may have found the right programming routine for it :unsure:

Programming spare keys: for 1998 to 2002

1.. Copy the cuts of the original working key onto the appropriate

transponder blank.

2.. Enter the car and close all of the doors.

3.. Simultaneously depress and release both the brake and accelerator pedals.

4.. Within five seconds, insert a working pre-programmed key into the ignition cylinder, and turn to the "on" position.

5.. Within fifteen seconds of turning the ignition, depress and release

the accelerator pedal five times for a primary key. (Depress and release four times for a valet key.)

6.. Within twenty seconds, depress and release the brake pedal six times for a primary key. (Depress and release only times for a valet key.)

7.. Turn the ignition to the "off" position and immediately remove the


8.. Within ten seconds of removing the key, insert the new key and turn it to the "on" position.

9.. Within ten seconds, depress and release the accelerator pedal once. The security light will then flash for 60 seconds and then turn off. When the security light stops flashing the programming should be complete.

10.. Start the vehicle to verify that programming was successful.

Now, it still doesn't work, but the reason I think it might be right is that the immobiliser security light changes behaviour; I just don't know what it means!

Normally the lamp pulses at a steady "blink-pause-blink-pause" way, but after executing the programming instructions above up to the point where you put the new key in, as soon as i pressed the accelerator the final time it started going "blinkblink-pause-blink-pause-blinkblink-pause-blink-pause"

I waited like, 10 minutes and it still carried on doing that so I gave up, but I do wonder if that light pattern actually indicates...!

Have any of you come across this or otherwise have any ideas...?

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