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Toyota Mega


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I want one, could fit rams to the back and drive my car straight in. Id never have to leave home without it.

I think it's great and slightly reminiscent of those 70's and 80's Lamboghini's that do about 12 Gallons to the mile!! :D

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theres a car dealer near me selling something called a 'mega' i thought this was going to be it, its the most comical looking tiny tiny tiny pick up truck and van (two options) looking thing i've ever seen with the name MEGA right across the front.

To give an idea of how big, think Cappucino but truck version LOFL....

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It's known as a Mega Cruiser.

When I discovered its existance not long after starting to work at Toyota (seven years ago) I was told it is not exported as it was developed for the Japanese military and so classified as a "weapon" and the terms of the WW2 surrender forbid japn from exporting weapons!

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