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What Spec Oil For 1994 1.6 Petrol Uk?

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Hello all,

What spec Oil should I be using for my 1994 1.6 petrol corolla used in the UK?

I'm confused because the carlube website states I should be using 10W-40 mineral Oil, whereas the comma site states it should be fully synthetic 5W-30, which are completely different!

I would have thought fully synthetic is a bit over the top for an old car, and I have been topping up with 10W-40 semi-synthetic.

I see in the handbook the middle one that covers the greatest range is 10W-30.

Be very interested to know what people use in theirs,

Many thanks,


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In 1994 bog standard mineral Oil would have been the norm but a semi-synthetic would be suitable.

Try the Castrol UK or Opieoils websites - both have excellent references and choices.

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