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2010 Auris Jp "back Guide Monitor" Reversing Camera Feature

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I have a Japanese 2010 Auris - 1,8 Valvematic

The car has a reversing camera and *used* to have "Back Guide Monitor".

"Back Guide Monitor" = lines that show you where you will go based on steer column input.

After picking up the car from the dealer, the feature stopped working!

The only think that has changed is the dealer put their number place surround with their company name.

So now the reversing camera *does* work, but the "guidelines" that used to be displayed have vanished.

Any ideas?

For anyone out there interested the Japanese Auris has a 2ZR-FAE engine (that is FAE not FE) that makes a *huge* difference in power and fuel economy. Which engine does EU Auris have?

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