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hi all just bought my first Rav4 do not want run flat tyres or mess around with tyre repair muck so am after 17" wheel and tyre for my 2008 xtr diesel i can put in back when on long journeys have been on eBay and found 4 for sale with yokohama tyres 4ml tread from a 2011 rav 4. wheels have no marks any one interested in the other 3 wheels works out about £110+postage each if i win bid regards laurie

ps or if any one got one i would be interested

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Hi wineman and welcome.

Congratulations on your first Rav4. I am sure you'll enjoy it very much, particularly if we get a snowy winter or if you tow a caravan around muddy sites.

If you do get a set of 4 wheels+tyres, I'd be interested in buying one. Let me know how you get on.

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Hi Laurie,

Welcome t'club and nice offer on yer first post....you will find a spirit of reciprocation hereon, be assured.

Depending on the profile on the Rav, I have 3 excellent nick and make of tyres (1 @ 235/55 Contimental and two at 235/55 Michelin Pilots). All 17" obviously.

If one of these was suitable, all you would need is ONE spare wheel, which could even be a cheap steely....worth a thought, que....?

Big Kev

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