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Gen 7 Car Alarm, Randomly Going Off

The Jackal

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I have a 2006 Gen 7Celica GT. Recently the alarm keeps going off randomly, and I mean randomly!

Sometimes it's 30 seconds after I lock the doors, sometimes a full 24 hours later (and usually when I'm asleep).

If I unlock then relock it seems to be fine for a while.

It appears to be the internal sensors since if I push the lock 3 times to disable the internal sensors it behaves.


Removed everything from the cup holders

Emptied the arm rest container

So any ideas what might be triggering it? Or better still a way to remedy it!

Many Thanks

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Had same troubles here. turned out to be a tiny spider living in passenger door tray (as it is usually only me in the car i rarely go in there.......)

Realised one morning when i opened the passenger door to get to the glove box and was confronted by a web spanning from the seat to the dash. Must have taken the poor little sod hours to do.........

Needless to say - i no longer share my car with wildlife.........

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When you open the doors, check the metal door catch on the body that the door clicks onto when it shuts. It can work loose with all the opening and shutting of the heavy doors. If it is loose the door wont close completely but you may not notice thus setting the alarm off. All it needs then is tightening of the STAR shaped screws.

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