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Hello From Down Under... What Really Brought Me Here.

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Hi guys and greetings from Australia

To be honest the reason i stumbled across this site is this posting by HKS_TC_Corolla_GTi


and naimley his intention to put information on his 'new' website'. (re-below)

'I will be including all tech info, including how to hardwire a HKS PFC F-CON to your 4AGZE ECU (For all 3 versions). I will also include programs for the F-CON for download (AW11 4AGZE, AE92 AFM, AE92/AE101 MAP)'.

I assume his new website was this - -which sadly much like his 4ag/3sg-UK website no longer exists. :(

From what I can tell Nad has not been active on this website since the begining of this year and I was wondering if anyone had a copy of this website or information? or even a way to contact Nad and if possible to aquire this info and programs?

Any help would be great

Anyways still looks like a wealth of info over the pages so I will shorly find something else worth readying.


gear :D

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