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07 Avensis Boot Only Opens With Key

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Hi there,

this is probably a cumilation of another problem. I have a new Battery in my car but if I leave the car without use for more than 4 days the Battery goes flat. I am not leaving on any lights.

I was away for 6 days and of course, came back and Battery was flat.

The jumps leads were in the boot so I opened it with the key and opened the drivers door with the key as well. The fob would not work as expected.

I jump started the car, the alarm did not go off as I thought it would as it would if you dis-connected the Battery and re-connected.

Anyway, after charging up the Battery I now find that the car boot mechanism will not unlock with the pressure handle only with the key. The manual explains this will happen if the Battery is dis-connected but it does not explain how to reset it.

As I said at the start, there seems to be a power drain somewhere as well.

Any help appreciated.


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I wouldn't have thought the boot opening would be affected by a flat Battery as i believed it to be a cable operation. Maybe the manual is meaning that the central locking won't open the boot with a flat Battery?? However if your interpretation of the manual is right enough then at the very least I'd expect it to reset after locking and unlocking. Perhaps your Battery drain is related to your boot lock?

An easy (but not perfectly accurate) way to check your Battery drain is to switch everything off in the car then take off a Battery lead and skiff it against the Battery terminal. If you get a juicy spark then there's something drawing power. You should get a very small spark, enough for the clock etc. If you get a big spark then start removing fuses one at a time and re-checking until the spark is small.

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Hi Alan,

thank you for your reply.

I have solved the boot problem by trial and error, thanks.

Regarding the power drain I will try your method. Does it matter if it is the positive or negative terminal your remove, I presume that it is the negative?


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