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Audio Lights

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Attached hopefully is a picture of my stereo when i have my headlights on. Hopefully this will answer your question? All of mine are alight though.



Many thanks, exactly what I was looking for....Head Unit out over weekend, find out why no lights!!

Thanks again,


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Thanks all,

Had the head unit off today... it was my mistake when I extended the ISO lead when I fitted the bluetooth....I hadn't fitted the illumination wire properly..it was not obvious in the summer months...I am dumb or what!..

Thanks again guys,


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I am dumb or what!..

Not at all. I expect anyone who has pulled bits of cars apart more than once could put their hand up to that one - though most are probably to proud to actually admit it.

I've certainly been there more than once :)

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Ah well. Glad you sorted it out. I've made simple mistakes like that more than once...

How about makeing a new SCART-lead for your TV, soldering all 21 leads

and then realising you need to fit the cover of the plug over the cable first...

Even worse: making this mistake more than once :blink:

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