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09 Auris Keyless Ignition Problem

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hi, my 09 auris flashed up low key Battery the other day (keyless ignition, keyless entry) so i changed the Battery in the fob - now it doesn't work!!

all the online help i've seen regarding recoding the key involves putting the key in the ignition, which mine doesn't appear to have - unless i'm mistaken?

Can i recode the fob, and how do i do this? or is this something I need to a toyota dealer to do?

if anybody can shed any light on this i'd very much appreciate it, thanks in advance

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You only have a very limited timespan to do the changeover I believe. If it takes just a bit too long to swap them over the code can be lost & you'd have to take it to a dealer to fix. Do you have the spare key to get you there ?

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