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So, my car is Toyota avensis mk1, 1.8 petrol, liftback, made in 1998.

as far as i know wheel stud patern is 5x100, center bore 54.1.

I have original Toyota wheels (15 inch) wheels , but 5x114.3 , center bore 61 mm .

I want get adapter to fit those alloys, as I cant sell them now over 6 months. i bought them over my stupidity or carlesnes off somebody, who stated it would fit to my avensis, and i trusted,..... anyway, there is no comebacks.

i beleave have to get 1 inch thik adapters, and fit those alloys, what yous think, would it work out well ?

this site looks very proffesional, but i not really know what kind stud size, what lug nut size and shape to choose. - http://store.42draftdesigns.com/VWAudi-5x100-5x1143-Wheel-Adaptor-Set_p_435.html


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Hi Maris,

I just Googled this : http://www.performan...D-Adapters.aspxI searched for 'wheel spacer adapter kits' and this was chosen from the list of sites found. I tried your site and it looks good - pictures in adds always look better. Try closer to home as this site looks US based, and I searched for UK and Europe companies. Don't worry. We all make mistakes when buying something.Try and make sure the wheel offset is not too much as it may effect the steering and suspension, plus any contact with the body.Good luck. :thumbsup:

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Thanks Conrad C , i've got good news. sold those original toyota wheels :)

I have another problem, not a problem probably , but somehow need to be sorted.

i had fiat punto before, and i got wintertires and wheels for it before last winter, as in Ireland(at least in Dublin) there was no snow at all, never used them on punto... managed sell punto this summer, so expensive set of wheels with tires left, i am trying sell them, but i see no chance sell them, as they are expensive.

Wheels are 14 inch, i am planning buy carina wheels, and fit on them my punto tyres... problem is... would size of tire would be ok for my avensis ?

size of tyres is 165/65 R14 :(

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