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Tow Bar Recall

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Just received letter from Mr T recall for my 54 plate T Spirit. possible problem with mounting for tow bar apparently could result in cracking and loss of tow bar. My tow bar fitted by local trailer firm.

Just thought that I would let anyone with similar investigate.

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If you have a letter from Toyota, then please visit your local dealer, even if you have NOT got a tow bar. The dealer needs to record the fact and inform Toyota so you can be struck off the recall

Toyota do not know who has had tow bars fitted (for all sorts of reasons such as trade or self fitted) so everybody with that range of cars who POSSIBLY might have the suspect tow ball fitted get a letter to come in for an inspection. Please make the trip to your dealer so the recall can be completed quickly

Kingo :thumbsup:

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I have had a letter aswell, rang my local toyota, they booked me in for a initial check even though I though I dont have a towbar. Dont know if there has been one previously fitted.

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I have a Witter towbar. I phoned the dealer who said I needed to have a check done whether I had a towbar or not and whatever make it was.

Somewhat incredulous I e-mailed Toyota@vehiclerecals .

First they said as I had no towbar (sic!) I didn't need a check and my car was removed from the list and I need take no further action.

I wrote back to repeat I did have a Witter towbar. The reply was that only 'factory fitted' towbars are affected and mine does not need to be checked.

What a shambles! Dealers will no doubt make money out of checking cars unnecessarily. Many owners will have a bother they don't need.

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I had a appointment today, 11.30 got there early spoke to service they advised me to take a seat, do you want tea/coffee etc etc, I advised I'm going to parts round the corner to get prices on services parts, come and get me if you need me/when my turn comes, no one come to get me so went back there was a different person on the desk. they advised I do not need to be seen as I don't have a tow bar, even though I told them before THEY advised me to make the appointment, total was of time all they did is took my letter and asked for the mileage, I could of dropped it off another day and advised them of my mileage, waste of a Saturday morning. Personally I don't think they know what they are doing themselves, has anyone with a tow-bar actually got a new one?

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