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Air Conditioner Can't Hold Temp Constant...

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I have a 2008 Avensis1,8 sol plus.

When I start to drive, for the first 10 minutes or so, the temperature in the cabin raises way to high. After app. 15 minutes the temp. startes to drop way below my setting, and stay there. I can raise the temp to what I want, but then it will be way way to high next time morning after the engine have varmed up.

What can cause this problem.

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most probably:

- you have an air (moisture) in the system and this moisture istarts to get frozen after throttle walve.

- it is necessary to regas system;

- check with condition of both outer and cabin temp sensors;

- check with conditio of pollen filter

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go to Halfords , ask them for the regas units they have for sale. buy one with the replacable canisters so you can use it again,the take back the empty canisters. the gauge,giving you a reading of pressure in the system will immediately tell you how low it is. there are two inlets. one is large,one is smaller. the unit you will buy will have the bottle and the gauge connected either together or separetely ,its EASY,there is full instructions with the kit. DO NOT OVERFILL.TOO MUCH PRESSURE WILL BLOW THE SYSTEM. stick to the instructions,its a really easy job,20 min tops.

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