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Gen 7 Mystery Problem... Any Ideas Peeps?


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Driving the Celica along the other day, it stalled as I was turning onto a dual carridgeway.

Managed to pull over safely and attempt a re-start.

No luck, it fired up then cut out again, and again and again...

Took it to the garage (not Toyota Dealer) and they cannot see anything obvious without taking wild guesses and charging me lots of cash.

So far they havent charged me anything to look it over but it is still only starting and then cutting out within a minute.

Seems if you leave it a while it starts but then cuts but attempting to restart staright after a stall it won't fire up at all.

Any ideas anyoneeeeeeeeeeeeeee?

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The very identical problem I have had on my vehicle, non Corolla. Shortly, was not enough fuel pressure in ramp. Firstly i blamed fuel pump, but detailed observation show that primary (tank) steel mesh fuel filter was blocked. Compressed air purged out dirt and problem had gone. Thank you.

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Hmm, sounds feasible. I will relay the info to the mechanic at the garage and see if he can take a closer look.

Thanks for the input, lets hope it is indeed as simple as this.

I'll post the findings...



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