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Avensis 2009 T27 Model New Shape

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Hi some information may help some of you, I have looked on the net to try to find out what the proceeder is for fitting new disc,s and pads to the new shape Avensis with

electric parking brake. No help from anyone so I thought lets take a look.

I have heard that you need to plug into a computor for the park brake, not so it is no different to the accuator on a truck.


chock your wheels release park brake.


remove wheels, on the cable end where it fits onto the lever on the calaper, for the park brake remove the spring clip from the clevis pin, remove the clevis pin.

There are two bolts to remove one on the brake pipe, and one on the brake cable just under neath the lower arm where the brake cable runs.

that will allow the calaper more freedom.

unbolt calaper, on the offside drivers side the calaper has to be wind in clock wise. on the nearside passenger side this has an anti clock wise system to wind it back in.


then it is unbolt calaper bracket remove old disc replace new disc and so on.


At no point dose this car have to be taken to a dealer to have the park brake reset.

When you have replaced calaper pads bracket you will find the park brake cable fits on with no adjustment.

If you need any more info just ask.

The accuator is pre set there is no adjust ment what so ever all the best Blue.

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