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T22 Avensis D4D Sticking In First Gear When Standing

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Dear all,

Going through the posts I couldn't find any describing the problem I have with our 2000 T22 D4D combi..

The problem occurs especially when warm: stopping for a light, the car tends to stick in first gear after a few seconds. Even with the clutch fully down the car will slowly drive.

With a bit of force I can pull out from first gear and when entering first gear again the problem is over.

Our garagist claims it's the clutch, but I refuse to believe him: we've changed it earlier this year and we have done at max 10k kilometers with it. As well, we have no signs at all of the clutch slipping, it's gripping too good.

During driving we have no problems with the clutch, gear change is ok. But when stopping, it sticks in first. Putting the gears in neatral when stopping and engaging 1st gear after a feqw seconds solves the problem.

Anyone have a clue what could be the problem? I'm suspecting the clutch system, but hope to hear your opinions.

Many thanks in advance from Poland!

Hans de Keijzer

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