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Cold Weather Starting

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Anyone having problems.

Our iq struggled to fire up this morning, engine spins over as normal so Battery seems ok, it just won't fire.

Running fine now though.

The car had been left unused for a couple of days if that matters??


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We are only trusted or allowed to have petrol IQs here in the UK, so we don't have any glow plugs to check.


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I think it is unlikely to be glow plugs being a petrol engine.

See how it performs in the next little while.

I take it that it is serviced, spark plugs & airfilter OK.

Airfilter not dirty or damp, needing changed.

Has the weather been damp or just cold.

Car parked at an angle.

Good amount of fuel in the tank? etc.

When its a Multidrive,

foot firmly on the brake pedal when starting.

Good when cold nights and warmer days to keep the tank as full as possible and reduce possible condensation.

Rarer now, but small or less busy filling stations can also have condensation in their fuel tanks.

This ends up in your tank, hence inline fuel filters i fit.

Much less common now as i said, but does happen come winter.


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Whats the issue with parking at an angle, this has been mentioned before.

Car was parked with two wheels on the pavement so only a slight angle.


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In petrol engines either of two don't-s. first spark, second fuel. As I know, spark misfires monitored by ECU via current loop feedback, and besides DIS system ultimately reliable; no check engine came to light More probably fuel ramp pressure, fuel check valve in fuel ramp, fuel filter, or pump, or low level of fuel in tank. Once I had faced similar occasion, culprit was - MAF sensor, it was covered by thick fur of Oil and pollen. Cleaned by alcohol (extremely fragile platinum wire, worked out very gently), after that, engine cranks from half-turn of starter. Thank you.

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