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OK, inspired by the "Ghost Town" thread, I thought I'd start a positive thread about my car.

I bought an 08 plate 1.3 TR (5dr) Yaris back in April, so I'm now six months and 8,000 miles into ownership. Problems so far? A leaking A/C (fixed free under the 12 month second hand warranty), bonnet catch that wouldn't open (fixed free under warranty), the window recall (free of course) and.. yep, that's it so far. Oh, and four new tyres, but any car would have the same expense!

Overall I've been very happy with the car, coming from a 2004 Seat Ibiza 1.2, the extra power on the motorway is definitely noticeable - though it can hardly be called powerful - although I am disappointed with the handling on twistier roads - a Yaris is certainly designed more for comfort than handling. The driving position is excellent and there is loads of room inside. In fact, I borrowed an Aygo while it was in the dealer for a morning and that really made me appreciate how much space I have in the Yaris.

I think it's a great looking car for the five minutes after I've washed it, but then again no black car looks good when it's dirty. The styling seemed fairly bland to start with but has grown on me as I've owned the car. Compared to other cars I've tried recently, including a new Fabia and Corsa, the Yaris just feels more solid and more refined. I'd swear it was closer to a Focus/Astra in size than a supermini, especially on the motorway. It's only when I open the boot I remember how small it actually is!

I wish I could've afforded the extra grand or so to move up to the 1.33 petrol with the better fuel consumption (or the extra £3,000 for a similar diesel!), although I am still averaging about 40-45mpg on mainly motorway driving. Also the dealer I bought it from (Vantage Toyota in Blackburn) have been superb so far, and I'm hoping this continues when the warranty runs out next April!

Overall I'm pleased with my purchase and have already recommended the Yaris to others!

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Good to hear Chris. :D Always nice to see a bit of positivity. I had a 2008 TR too, it was a 1.0L. I was very happy with it :yes: it was a great car and never gave me any problems.I loved that car, so its new owners better be looking after it ;) Now I've got a 2012 Yaris, its Burning Red, 1.33 this time. Still haven't got round to changing the photo on here though, I must get that done some day.

My black Yaris didn't take long to sell, I was driving the new one out of the dealers and the old one was out on a test drive. And they were so pleased with it they bought it! It didn't even make it onto the dealer's website.Talk about a quick sale!

True about the black looking fantastic when its clean..ha ha I think it turned me into one of those who likes washing the car! I've got fussy about keeping the wheels clean too.

Keep enjoying your Yaris :driving:

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A personage of good taste :D

I stuck with the Mk1 when I got a new one, partly because I know it better and there is less to go wrong with the diesel one compared to later models, but also because it has a sunroof and digital dash, which sadly went missing on the later ones :(

The Mk1 is still a fantastic car, and the overpowered nature of the 1.4 D4D in such a light car makes it great fun to drive while being very cheap to run. Not many cars can say that!

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had the yaris d4d for over a year now , 1 failed brake light bulb has been the only issue ,the little car runs like a dream, we

recently had relations up for the weekend from Southampton and took them a drive to new lanark, they were impressed by the ride quality , comfort and most of all the space and rear legroom

in total pluses all round for our first year of ownership

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