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T Sport Clutch

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Hi all,

New to the forum, I'm thinking of buying a Toyota Corolla T Sport. I went to look at one today but the clutch is slipping badly on it and needs replacing.

Any one got any ideas on how much it costs in a garage?

I've found a Exedy one on eurocarparts for £120 delivered. Is it a big job? I've done a couple of clutches in the past but not on a Toyota.



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To be honest it seems to vary wildly; You get ridiculous quotes from Toyota in the 700-900 region, but with some hunting around a garage or travelling mech could probably do it for 400-500, less if you get the parts yourself...

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had 2 new clutches recently (one in the T Sport one in the Comp) quoted £600 + labour from Toyota, my local mechanic did it for £300 using the same parts.

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Alright so far I've had 3 quotes:

Mr Clutch - £399.99 - But I've heard nothing but bad things about them in the past.

Local garage - £480 in VAT - Says it 6 hours labour

Another local garage £700 in VAT - Says it's 7 hours and warned me not to use Mr Clutch lol

Has anyone actually done a clutch for a T sport on a driveway?

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Not done one myself but the garage I usually use wouldn't do it as he was unfamiliar with it and had heard it was a bit of a bugger!

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Booked it in to Mr Clutch for £395 including VAT, parts and fitting.

The quote was £399.99 online but my local branch was £345 for a normal clutch their own brand.

I paid extra for an Exedy one to be fitted.

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