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Corolla Front Door Speakers

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Hi there, have just got a new CD player to replace the knackered factory unit in my 1996 E10. Fitting the head unit was fine, but discovered that the speaker in the front passanger door had gone too. They are the standard round 6" Speakers that came with the car.

I was wondering how to go about replacing it? Will any 6" speaker fit or will I need to get a Toyota specific one, or an adaptor? I don't want anything that will shatter the windows/disturb the peace.

Any help at all would be most gratefully received!

Cheers JingJangJong.

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Visit a good local car spares shop who has a good selection of Speakers or one of the several online places.

You can usually easily replace the Speakers with much better quality / sounding units. An adpator ring is often needed but they are only a couple of pounds - the online places tell you which ones you need.

Also well worth getting some dynamat or similar to mount /surround the speaker sto reduce door vibrations and improve sound quality.

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If you search within this forum and the Audio forum there are a lot of suggestions about Speakers.

General opinion is that rears are not so important, but you might want to consider getting new fronts with 2 top mounted tweeters if they are not already fitted; usually in the wing mirror interior covers ; they do add a good improvement to the total sound.


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