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Avensis Verso D4D Will Not Start

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Hi All,

After having Toyotas in various guises for 10 years with no major issues, we travelled to Blackpool for the school holidays in dearly beloveds 51 plate (Feb 02) Avensis Verso 2 litre D4D from Dorset. It was the first BIG run in this car. There were no issues on the drive to site but when the car was loaded and ready to come home, I turned the key and the engine turned over but did not catch. We put this down to the cold weather and under the belief that the Battery charge had dropped called out the very nice man in the yellow van.

This was not the case. Mr AA informed us that the issue is likely to be an issue with either the high pressure diesel pump, valves or sensors.

We have been assured that the feed to the glow plugs is good and fuel has made its way through the priming pump for the fuel filter.

I have access to an Avensis 2 litre Hatchback d4d which is of the same year. Would I be able to transfer the pump, valves and/or sensors to the Verso once failed part has been identified? If so, are they plug and play or do they require programming to the ecu?

Thanks in advance.

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check with el contacts of SCV (+ measure coils resistance) on the pump + be sure no air is available in the fuel system. besides -- you might to have a water sensor build in the fuel filter. try to drain some diesel from filter to be sure no water inside and exclude fuel filter from the chain

regards / Igor

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