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Need Someone Good With Looms


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have you got the 2 looms complete?

its a kinda job where you open up both looms rip them apart,

keep what you need from the Corolla loom and add to this whats needed from the levin loom,

i did 2 3sgte lately and turned out great, turned the key and fired first time so happy days

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Youll notice that the Corolla loom has a plug for speedo but isnt used. its the same type as levin sensor plug. youll see it hanging whrre the speedo is but will be a bit dirty from hanging about the last13-14 yrs

What i did i left this attached just in case and also used the cable as this was originnal.

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Well alot of plugs go back to the bt ecu so no need to be cutting and joining. youll have 2 alternator big cables to be joined and a few feeds for ignitor and injectors.

Youd want to no what every wire and plug is for to be honest. if ur one wire wrong its trouble. plus you also want it need and tidy like factory.

I have the manual here for 4afe.

Send the 2 looms over to me and ill do it plus put a blank cheque in the box too

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i dunno lad, i cud help if your stuck but im in another country, if i had one thing wrong and the car didnt start what happens then

although it should be straight forward enough,

up to you.

the 3sgte started first turn

is there anyone in the uk, maybe fensport would do it, theyd be neat

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