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Rear Wheel Speed Sensor 03 Avensis 1.8

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Hi Guys

By following the advice on this forum and bridging 4-13 on the OBD connector i have codes 33 and 38 on my ABS light.

This is right rear wheel speed sensor.

Great I thought. BUT how do i get to it? Do I have to take the disc and hub off?

I just have a round cover with the connector on it. Seemingly no way to remove it from the back.

Thanks for any help


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The rear ABS sensor on your Avensis is not a separate part it comes as part of a fully assembled rear hub/bearing assembly part number 42450-05040, beware because you may want to sit down it is not cheap last time I checked it was approx £330 + vat.

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Thanks Devon.

Seems a ridiculous bit of design. Error 38 is debris on sensor so prob just needs a clean.

Makes me mad that I have to throw away a perfectly good hub/bearing assy because of a sensor.

And we wonder why the world is in the state its in....

Rant over. Sorry!

Can get whole hub assy on ebay for 60 quid. Prob poor quality but it keeps me rolling......

Thanks for your help

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