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S Reg Diesel Land Cruiser

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Hi, I have been trying to assist a friend of mine who has a 3lt diesel Landcruiser which has an engine light which comes on after a few minutes running.

When the light is on it loses performance and runs roughly.

I have a some Gendan software on my laptop and an OBD2 cable connector.

This has worked well on a later RAV4 and saved quite a lot of money.

The landcruiser does not have an OBD2 socket but a Toyota's own socket under the Bonnet.

Has anyone had experience of using one of the aftermarket leads which convert the Toyota socket to a 16 pin OBD2 socket?



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Thanks to all the people who have looked at my Topic.

Yesterday I used one of the converter leads which have 22 pins on one end to fit the Toyota 22 pin socket in the engine compartment, the other end has the standard 16 pin OBD2 socket on it.

My laptop has a very good diagnostic package on it but when I tried all ways to connect to the Toyota it would not do so,it kept saying not compatible!!

I therefore followed the old method that Toyota recommended for this engine 1KZ-TE and connected TE1 to E1 on the 22 pin diagnostic socket under the hood with the ignition on.

The engine malfunction light started flashing and brought up the code 12.

Looking at the information available in the manual and on the web this came up as either a fault on the Engine Crankshaft position sensor or the ECU.

After a careful examination I found the connector to the sensor loose.

When this was pushed back in tight the engine ran smoothly and the fault code could be cleared and did not return.

When I examined the connector closely it appears that the plastic securing clips are not working properly - no doubt due to age.

I now need to find a method of either replacing the connector or securing it firmly. I will put another post on the forum to see if there are any ideas.

Many thanks again to all of you for looking.



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