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My Auris Wont Start

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I've got a 2007 (57 plate) auris 1.6 petrol and when i put key in to start engine nothing happens all the lights come as normal but doesnt even turn over, i have 2 keys but one doesnt work at all and the other is intermittent can anyone help please with whats wrong

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If you hear a clicking sound when you turn the key, a rapid ticking or nothing at all then you may have one of several problems.

To diagnose the problem, turn the interior light on and try the ignition again. If the interior light dims when the key is turned, then it is likely that your Battery is dead.

You will need to get a jump to the nearest auto parts store or replace the Battery where it is.

If the lights do not dim when you turn the key, then the Battery is not likely the problem.

Check to make sure your car is in neutral in an automatic transmission or that the clutch is pushed all the way down on a standard transmission.

If this does not fix the problem, the issue is most likely either with the ignition switch, the wiring, the starter motor or the solenoid.

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