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03 Corolla Van Giving Trouble Starting!

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I got a 03 corolla van 2.0L diesel d4d a few weeks ago and some days when i try to start it, the car wont start up. It is as if the car is not getting fuel. I can keep turning the key turning on and off the ignition 20 times say and then it starts. We put a new fuel filter in but the old one wasn't bad and it was grand for about 2 weeks and then and randomly gave same trouble again. Needed a push start once or twice! Can anyone suggest what problem might be? if its dirty fuel would it be normal that it gives trouble only now an again?

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Ok there are a few questions that need to be answered as best you can mate:

1. Does it crank over?

2. If yes, how fast? (500rpm is the norm)

3. Has the Injection Pump been replaced or fiddled with?

4. Is the lift pump priming the fuel line properly?

Considering it sounds like a fuel delivery problem then these are more important questions:

1. Have you recently run it low on fuel? Or has someone driven it that may have run it low and not had the heart to tell you? It could have picked up crap from the bottom of the tank.

2. Are you using bio-diesel?


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