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hi all i have a 2005 avensis diesel 4 door,the front passenger side electric window has either come off the rails or it is no longer attached at one of the bottom fittings,does anyone know how you get the panel off,found one screw behind door opener and looked everywhere but could not find more and door panel feels like its screwed somewhere but that is the question where,any help or pointers greatly appreciated. thanks steve

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1. one is under small "avensis" cover

2. another is in door opener as you know

3. last one is under the window switch(pull the switch out of the panel)

Then just pull whole panel out of the doors(gently). Mind the door light wire!!!

Good luck ;)

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its not realy behind the avensis logo but little bit higher.. use some flashlight and have a look..u'll see the screw up there.

When u take the switch out u should see it on the left hand side..it is definetely there..have a closer look.

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thanks very much for your time and effort i found the one behind avensis and it is a nut will check the other one at weekend when hopefully i can see what problem is with window, once again thanks.

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