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Oh Dear.... :-(

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Hey all...

Daaamn its been a while since I posted back on here....

Anywho, lets get straight to it...

A friend of mine has got a 07 Reg T180 2.2 dcat Verso and low and behold he has just been told he needs a new ENGINE!!!!

He has been noticing over a period of a few months that he has been losing water coolant, took it in to his friends workshop where they looked at all the usual issues which could cause this and could not come up with anything conclusive, so he decided to knock on his local MR Ts door and after checking the diagnostics he was informed he needs a new engine 8-( Lucky for him, he can prove service intervals and also the engine had warranty of 7 years up to 100K miles... so they are going to try an push this through as a warranty job...

Has any body else experienced this with a Verso? AAAANND...


Just wondering now when I'm going to get my first niggles on my 09 avensis tourer :-(



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You've put this in the wrong Verso section! This is the 'mini me' Verso section, not proper sized one :cowboy:

As for the engine, it's the same one fitted to Auris, Avensis and RAV 4 models which have all had the same problem, it was a problem when you and I both had RAV's.

As for quality and customer service, there aren't many car manufactures willing to replace engines FOC on 7 year old models, I wouldn't knock it...

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Hey Duncs...

Mate I aint knocking it... I'm over the moon with the service I've had from my local Mr T... and the cars I've had from them have been top knotch ;-)

I'm missing my Rav and my LC though.... Kids made the RAV to small ( I know... ultimately its my fault :-) ) and the government and frikkin insurances mady my LC impossible for me to run any longer... So now I've got the Avensis Tourer fully kitted out - well almost fully - I have'nt got the radar fitted to mine...

And yep... just noticed that I put this in the wrong Verso listing... what a muppet ;-/ . Its been too long since I posted on here that I've forgotten what to do... :dontgetit:

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Toyota Versa Engine Problems

This seems to be a long term known problem, read this it does not make good reading…


Quote – I heard on the news today that Toyota has made a massive recall of all model due to problems et al… and more…

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i had mine done in march ish, no problems since, nice and smooth process, tried to scaremonger me into a massive bill if its not warrantee but it will be, i dont even think they took mine apart to investigate, dropped off in the evening went past 2 days later and still parked the same but had a phoncall to say a new engine is on its way!


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my mates been told that they have to rebuild the whole engine, I guess they wont bother and just get a new engine brought in... They did not tell him why or what happened, just that they'll replace it under warranty... Luckily he had his friend service his car and managed to get hold of all receipts and stamps....Otherwise I think he might have been lumbered with a huge bill....

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Same happened to my 2007 Verso (2.2 D-4D, not D-CAT). Noticed last summer that the coolant tank was getting black on the inside (SOOT!), but I didn't make a fuss about it. So early this year I had a huge coolant loss and I went straight to a dealer. They tried to bill the engine repairs to me but I sent an angry letter to Toyota Europe and after a few emails later the engine got repaired under warranty. They only changed the basic parts (block, header and what else is inside) but kept the old turbo, egr and other bits that attach to the engine and sent the old block straight to europe for analysis.

I bought the car new and all maintenances have been properly done at a certified dealer.

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