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Touch And Go Plus Vs Old Hdd Nav

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I am a couple of months into the ownership of a Prius plus t-spirit and so far the car is not bad at all. However I am struggling a little with the usability of the audio system. So far here are my thoughts comparing with system I used to have in the Avensis.

bluetooth - in the Avensis the kids often watched videos on the iPad with the sound playing via bluetooth on the car audio system. This also work on the touch and go plus but with a 1-2 second delay so images are miles out of sync with the sound. The old system was perfect so not sure if something is wrong with mine or maybe this is fixed with a firmware update.

bluetooth - intermittently the system pics up my iPad as a phone. Obviously this will never work and I am then left telling the system to use my phone as a phone and the iPad for audio. Really frustrating and something that never happened before. On the old system. Hopefully there is a fix for this.

bluetooth - whenever get back in the car you have to select the contacts menu before being able to dial from the steering wheel. On the old car I could just get in and once the bluetooth had connected the last number dialled could be dialled by just pressing one button on the steering wheel, alas no more.

bluetooth - every time you dial a number it goes in the list of last dialled received. So if you often dial the same contact all in the list end up as the same contact. On the old system and on most mobile phones the the last contact dialled goes to the top of the list and is removed from further down in the list. This leaves you with a useful list instead of the useless one on the new system. Worse still is that only the contact is shown, so if you have multiple numbers from the same contact you do not have a clue which one you are dialling. Again you need to go back to the contact section to find the right number.

Sat nav - the traffic information gives far less info than the old system. It doesn't really show you which direction the jam is on a motorway and where it starts and ends. It is much better at re-routing though.

Sat nav - there is no "on current road" button in the traffic info screen so I often find myself heading up the m1 having to scroll throu the list trying to find how long I am going to be stuck in the current jam and whether I would be better getting off.

Sat nav - on the old system there were direction arrows to your chosen poi. So for instance you could be driving somewhere and decide you need to stop at a petrol station. No problem, but on the old system you could see whether your chosen stop was on your route, on the new system you have to select each station in turn to look at the map to check you are not going to be heading in the wrong direction OB back from where you came.

There are plenty of other minor niggles but usability is definitely lacking on this system. All things that could easily be fixed with software updates as the underlying system is very good.

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