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Car Cut Out When Coming To A Stop

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On the way home this evening the car almost cut out when slowing down, the rev counter was going towards 0 and the idiot lights came on, but was OK when I accelerated. Further on I had to come to a halt on approaching a roundabout and the car just died and all the dash lights came on. It did this at another roundabout but thankfully started up no problem and was fine after that. Could this be some sort of sensor issue? I'm dropping it into the garage tomorrow anyway to get it checked out. First issue in 4 years of trouble free motoring on this car. Has anyone come across this type of problem before?

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Possibly the idle speed control valve is sticking due to carbon build up. This is a reasonably common problem on many makes of car and cleaning it out often rectifies this.

However it might be something else.

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Don't know what you mean by "Idiot Lights"

Usually the only idiot is the nut that holds the steering wheel ;)

Hope you get it fixed soon!

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Got the car checked at the dealers and they found no fault codes registered and could find no issues with the car. Thought it might be dirty petrol. I did fill up at a station that is not one of my regular stops shortly before this incident but was on the following tank of petrol. Car has behaved fine since.

@Red Yaris 54,

'Idiot lights' is a name for the status indicator lights on the dash, e.g. low coolant, coolant temp, Oil pressure, etc.

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