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Ignition Assy Switch Or Starter Motor?

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Any idea how to test to see if it's the starter motor that's gone or if it's the ignition switch?

My 04 Avensis 2.0 vvti TSpirit had "hesitated" for a split-second on two occasions before starting, then the next day, it's just not turning over.

There's no "Click" when I turn the key, just silence. The Battery is fine, it was tested and is 100%.

I've pushed the key in as far as I can to see if maybe it's the Ignition Switch Assy, but there's no difference there. Rather than go and buy another starter motor or go and buy a new switch assy, how do I tell which is causing the problem? Cos sod's law says if I buy one, it'll be the other that needs replacing. The car has done 70,000 miles and otherwise is working well. It starts no problem if I jump it on a hill and drives normally. No other issues. Thanks.

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It was the starter motor after all Kinga. I put in a new ignition assy, but no change. Brought the starter motor to an autoeletrician and €80 later, the car is starting no probs. The only strange thing though is that the idle seems lower and irregular. It almost feels like it's close to stalling and the idle fluctuates a bit. It never used to do that. Any ideas why?

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