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Rav 4.3 Stereo Replacement Options

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One for those with a bit more technical knowledge / access.

Is it feasible to replace my B9007 unit with the latest Toyota "Touch and Go" system as in the latest Ravs?

I wasn't sure how the connections at rear matched up.

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It comes with a loom converter.

Get a price off Kingo then tell us as he always keeps his prices so secret that even he doesn't know.

You need this;


and this for touch and go


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Blimey, that's a lot of trim to takeoff!


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Let's just say you don't really wanna know, would be cheaper to P/EX your new RAV for another new RAV

Kingo :thumbsup:

I genuinely have been looking, but prob another 4 months of finance before it balances out for me to change.

But will there be any 4.3's left????

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At a guess JBL=£791.08 plus fitting ???????????

I'd guess that's way off the mark Breezy.........................more like five times that.

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It might be of interest for XT-R owners with a Touch system. One of them is just a piggy back module that makes a touch into a touch and go.

What does the module cost?

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