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Hybrid Batteries Dead Vs. Diminished

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Hey all,

So I am the owner of a Certified Pre-owned 2007 Hybrid Highlander in the US, specifically Seattle. As my car crossed the 80k KM or 50k mile marker, my fuel economy dropped off by about 20% and has continued to decline. I have brought it into the dealer but their tests did not reveal any problems.

I suspect very strongly that the hybrid batteries have begun to loose their potency.

My local dealer has no additional diagnostics beyond a red-light, green light test.

Has anyone out there replaced their hybrid batteries, diagnosed them or seen similar fall-offs in economy?

Thanks for your help.

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It is quite normal for a Hybrid to see a large MPG swing between the hottest and the coldest months. If you are a new owner this can come as a big shock, because the swing is much more than you would typically see in a conventional car, Both the Hybrid or Stop/Start engine systems are going to be more sensitive to variations in outside temperature.

There are various factors that influence the MPG you can achieve, some of them include seasonal temperature, length of journey, Ethanol mix in the fuel is changed for the colder months in North America, tyre pressures, Winter tyres, etc.

Toyota doesn't sell the Highlander Hybrid in the UK, therefore we wouldn't know about any specific faults that can occur with your model.

On my Prius, I drive short distances and I see a drop from 55 MPG (UK) (my absolute best was 60 MPG but I rarely achieve that) to 46 MPG (UK).

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