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Which Gen7 Do I Buy

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hi all having owned celicas all my life im thinking of getting a gen7 at last, iv been told to avoid pre face lift models is this true and why? also iv been told the clutch is an expensive job because my mate was told you dont just change the clutch something else has to be done along with it is this true also? im looking for a white celica with full body kit thats not a triptronic if they excist up to now all the genuine white ones seem to be triptronic if anyone knows of one for sale let me no cheers all jatgt4

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Hi Welcome

The facelifted model has a couple of the "issues" sorted. Are you thinking of a 140 or 190?

Whites tend to be imports, if they are genuine White. A popular option is to get them wrapped in vinyl (just like a big sticker).

Apart from that let's see what other advice you get from TOC.

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My advice would be to buy an unmodified car, you'll then have a clean sheet to start with your plans. Then, have a good look at what other owners on newcelica in the U.S., and celica-club.co.uk have fitted.

Buy a 2003on car, with the nicer/darker interior, and the engine block improvements if you're looking for a 140. As to whether 140 or 190, it largely depends on how you drive. IMO, the "gain is not worth the pain" on the 190, but there are plenty of 190 owners who would disagree with me.

HTH, and good luck in your search :)

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I have just bought a 2004 mightnight blue (looks black) Celcia gen 7 T-sport 190 and I couldn't be more impressed.

Looks and drive wise its great, and with the T-sport you have the advantage to turn traction control on or off depending on your driving preference.

With the older 140's (not sure about the 190's) there has been known to be problems with Oil consumption, buying a later 190 or a T-sport preferably would reduce this risk.

I agree with Scarlet Arrow and he has helped me alot in the past, buy your own standard coloured celica and wrap it! (you dont have to declare this colour change on your V5 certs either as essentially this is just a vinyl ;)

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