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Hi all,

I noticed a week or so back a thread that mentioned a problem with gerachanges between 1st and 2nd after having the gearbox Oil changed during an engine replacement on a D4D. I can't find the thread or the advice re the weight of Oil to suggest the dealer uses as opposed to the one they actually used.

My Rav is now going back to the dealer for the 1000 mile check after its engine and clutch replacement and I have the same problem with the gear change being reluctant between 1st and 2nd which wasn't there before.

Can anyone help with finding the thread so I can discuss this with the dealer. Thanks

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Hi Paul, this helps thanks. The original post was from a member who has had an engine change and then had the gear change problem. The technician at Toyota had put in a different weight of Oil and that caused the problem. He had it changed to what he wanted and the problem went. I'm sure it was 75w that it needed.

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It certainly used to be straight 75W LV stuff and Toyota seemed to be the only source. The details are here:


I've not noticed anything different on the later service data sheets, that's not to say it hasn't changed.

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Isn't the 80W90 (Sorry 85W90 for later models) the transfer box, not the gearbox?

Anch's post there does mention straight 75 for the gbox

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If you put anything other than straight 75 Oil in, you will need both feet on the dash to change gear in this cold weather.

However, if the cables are out of adjustment it will cause problems. This assumes that it wasn't notchy before.

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