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Toyota Aygo 4Th Mot & Service New Tyres, New Water Pump


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4th MOT and Service with JCT600 My off side front tyre was cracked so they putting new tyre on Conti Eco Contact 3 they said the other tyre was 4mm (i know the legal limit is 1.6 but if your gonna put money anywhere tyres which connect you to the road has gotta be one of them that and brakes and with the bad weather coming in i thought why not and then i will have the same tyres on all 4 corners of the car) so i decided to go for a 2 then they told me the Coolant Pump is leaking they quoted me £300 i told em i will get it done else where i rang Toyota they could do it for £260 and another local Garage not a main dealer could do it for £175 then the girl dealing with my car told me they could price match with Toyota so i told her i got £175 they over priced it to begin with they thought there was more involved with doing the job but there wasn't anyway they couldn't match £175 and im still waiting for the Tyres to be delivers but excellent customer service as always with JCT600 they keep you upto date and have washed and vacuumed my Aygo for me so all is good i've seen alot of Aygo owners have experienced this as it a common fault with Aygo Family just eager to get my car back and enjoy driving again, but saving over £100 isn't to bad and nice new fresh rubber at the front just in time for winter is also very good so overall im very happy with JCT600 and how they handled my Problems and were professional and gave excellent customer service im still waiting for JCT600 to get the tyres i've run all round all the major tyre places here (10) and no one has them so they must be popular so im waiting till Monday then i will get my car back all clean and shiny then i gotta take it to that other garage to get the pump changed but overall im happy

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