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Parking Sensors

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hi can anyone tell me if its possible to retrofit toyota paring sensors into my 08 plate hatchback, is the wiring already in the harness. or do i need to buy an aftermarket kit?.

No the wiring isn't there, Toyota parts will cost a fortune so you can always do as I did and got them from "Parkingsensorsonline" vie ebay at less than £20.00 and work perfectly, they come complete with the correct drill/hole cutter as well.

The correct location for drilling the rear bumper can be got from http://www.toyota-tech.eu/aimuploads/%7B524847F8-037C-F1F9-9015-636361B8037C%7D/TPA800%20liftback%20RHD%20PZ464-00425-00%20AIM%20000%20676-0.pdf for the diagram.


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Here it is, the main thing this is for is to get the correct measurements for drilling the holes in the bumper, this avoids the steel beam behind the plastic.

The rest of the instructions will come with the aftermarket sensor kit.


TPA800 liftback RHD PZ464-00425-00 AIM 000 676-0.pdf

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when I got my 07 Avensis the Toyota dealer supplied& fitted the Toyota rear sensors for £150 ...

This also kept the Toyota warranty on all the electrics which is why I did it rather than fit a cheap 3rd-party kit.

Of course your car is out of warranty now so that's not an issue for you.

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hi dont think 150 is out of the way, by the time you think of the time saving and if it stops my partner reversing into something, shes just passed her test very recently

thanks for the replies

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