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New Installed Navigator For 2005 3 Door Rav4?

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I have found a place in London that can, evidently, install a new all singing all dancing navigator (for range £700 to £1,200) in my 2005 3 Door Rav4. As explained in another post on this site, that was one of the reasons I was thinking of replacing the car but a new first rate navigator would be a big help

The car has done 75,000 miles but is pretty reliable and I need an old battered car sometimes eg Manchester on a Saturday night so may well keep it

But, I am really based in Manchester. Does anybody know of people who can do this in the Manchester area at reasonable cost - the main dealer said it could cost £3,000 to £4,000 which is too much

And, no, I do not want a portable navigator, I want something solid and permanent that I do not have to take out every time we park. And, yes, I know that when I sell the car I will not get that money back ...


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I'd second that recommendation, I've just fitted the 66-LBT, and it is great . . . Not the fastest in terms or response to commands and changing sources, but good nav unit, and excellent BT . . . but only appears to connect to one BT device at a time.

On the USB device you are limited to 2000 tracks . . . which in my case fits on a 16GB USB stick.

The Nav is the usual Tom Tom Perfection . . . unfortunately it uses the new MyTomTom web based app to upgrade, which I've not yet got working . . .

Considering the price and how much other units go for . . . i'd bite their hands off for it.

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