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Starlet Drivers Door Dropped On Hinges

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How do i go about setting a two door starlet drivers door straight so that it shuts nice without dragging on the sill and air rushing in on the move. Are the hinges intrinsically weak or do they just need resetting and bolting up tight again? Any ideas would be fantastic, as only problem with new to me second starlet...

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Hi Stu.

This is just general info so apologies if this is known to you.

The first thing to do is see if you can lift the non hinge side of the door,if you can then this can be caused by two reasons

A worn hinge.If maintainance to the hinge has been neglected then this will be the problem as it is a heavy door and puts quite a load on the hinge mechanism.On older cars the hinge was more substantual and you could drive out the pin,bore out the hinge plates and fit a larger pin. But that was then!!

A loose hinge on its mount.Not sure if they are adjustable on yours, but that should be obvious.

An adjustable hinge is usually held on with a movable plate that the hinge screws,well, screw into.It has been known for these plates to be held in what seems like an immovable state but they are only stuck by the paint.

Hope this is of some help to you


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