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Anyone Tried 0W30 A5/b5 In Their 1Zzfe?

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Morning all,

I need your advice/experience..........

Coming up to Oil change time here.....and want to do all i can to prevent onset of the dreaded Oil drinking problem.............

Got a load of Castrol 0w30 A5/B5 here, but it seems almost as thin as tap water!!!

Anyone had any experience with this in their car????

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0W30 is the same viscosity as 5W30 at running temp. The 0W is simply the viscosity when cold, so will circulate and protect quicker when you first turn the key. A good Oil to have in your VVTi, especially in Winter. Your Battery and Starter Motor will love you :)

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Thanks for your thoughts on the matter scarlett arrow.

Yeh, i am told 0w is the way to go for the exact reasons you say.

Was just a little concerned at how thin it is when cold. Looked up castrol's data sheets for this stuff and the 0w30 SLX stuff i currently have in her, and this A5/B5 stuff looks to be about 20% thinner at cold.

As a general rule of thumb, i suppose the thinner the better, but there has to be a minimum i guess.

Just wanted check i wasn't pushing this idea too far - as Castrol do say this A5/B5 stuff is thinner (-when cold) and should only be used in engines that the manufacturers specify (usually only suggested by Volvo, honda, and Kia i think, and definately all younger engines than mine!).

Thanks for you take on it though. Good to know i'm not too far off the mark :)

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