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Head Gasket Repair

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The level of coolant in my 2004 toyota avensis overflow tank has gone from full to low in a week.

I have done some research and other site suggest that if the head gasket has gone then there will be bubbles coming out of the radiator cap when running.

I did this this morning...topping up the radiator with coolant and there are no bubbles. The colour of the coolant looks a bright green. There was a small drop of black oily substanMy ce that floated to the top of the cap and into the overflow...but it was very small and didnt see another.

I am hoping its just a leaky cooling system and not the head gasket.

My next step is to take it to the garage for a pressure test of the cooling system and ask them to do a exhaust gas test over the radiator cap.

Is there anything else i should do.

Anyone have an idea of a ball park cost of a head gasket repair?



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Check the water pump as they are known for leaking.

Yours is the old engine so I don't know the ins & outs of head gasket on those but if you can just replace the gasket it shouldn't be a fortune.

If it's a similar problem & cost to those that occur on the later engine it may cost more than the car is worth ...

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