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Misted Lens

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Does anyone else suffer from condensation the rear lens of their iQ?

This seems to happen a) after a wet/cold spell and b when the sun is shining unevenly on the lens making it hotter in one spot.

The good news is that this disappears quite quickly - so is it a "fault" as such ?


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Not sure if it's a fault, but I have seen it in the rear lights of my car too. Same circumstances, cold, foggy, misty or wet outside, misted rear lights. I think I have also seen this in the headlight too. If I park our car under the car port it will only be the rear lights that may be affected. Maybe get some Silica inside it? Doesn't look good on a modern car though does it?

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I have the same 'problem', but only during misty / cold mornings. It's never bothered me as it does go away after a few minutes of driving - did they design it like so? To keep the lights cooler with allowance of air to get in?

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Ah .. clearly a "feature" rather than a "fault"!

I too park with the back end sticking out of a car port in a position where the sun falls diagonally across the back of the car heating the lens unevenly ( this is the only place I have experienced this problem.)

I guess the lens assembly isn't air tight and it isn't water getting in just damp air. The fact it clears quickly may be more to do with good design rather than the condensation forming being due to bad.

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