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Hello! My Corolla has 135000 km´s on the clock. On the dealership, on the last revision, the put 10W40. I ask why not the 5W30? The mecanich said that is the stant for the kind of engine. He said that the car as a high millage... So can I put the 5W30? And what brand of Oil do you advise?

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If you search this forum you will find several entries relating to the 5w/30 v 10w/40.

Its one of those points you can argue for ages.

While 5W/30 is what my Toyota handbook recommends, they do show 10w/40 as acceptable but not for use down to the very low temperatures 5w/30 can handle.

10W/40 is often suggested as better for older/ high mileage engines where a degree of wear is bound to be present.

Unless you experience very cold weather then if it was me I would stick with 10w/ 40, but your choice.

As for brand, any well known brand should be fine, just avoid the real cheapies and expensive racing type formula oils.

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